[SAC] Community MapBuilder Nightly Build Status

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jun 29 16:32:50 EDT 2007

Matt Diez wrote:
> As a late followup, I'd like to move all mapbuilder stuff to a
> /usr/local/mapbuilder directory, or possibly, a /home/mapbuilder, or
> something of the sort.
> Is there a preferred location? Would it be appropriate to create a
> mapbuilder user account, instead of just using my personal login?


I would like to suggest /osgeo/mapbuilder.  I've been trying to keep
everything of value under /osgeo segregated by project or service.

I don't think per-project accounts are a good idea, but I don't have
a good alternative to your just owning stuff.  I'd suggest we just put
off dealing with this for the time being till we get to the point where
we are using "ldap.osgeo.org" accounts for telascience blades.

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