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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
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Frank, are you tied to the branding of www.gdal.org, or could you be convinced to have it redirect to gdal.osgeo.org.  This wouldn't necessitate using Drupal; it could still be on the download.osgeo.org server serving Doxygen content.


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The contract for the machine I host www.gdal.org at iweb.ca is coming up
for renewal and in order to save roughly $1200 USD per year, I'd like to
migrate to OSGeo/telascience hardware.  The services I currently host are:

1) www.gdal.org - a doxygen generated website + the primary download directory.
                   this includes the fwtools download area.

2) maps.gdal.org - a few datasets made available through MapServer via WMS,
                    and WCS (SRTM30, and a big landsat mosaic of south america)
                    This isn't critical, but some of my test scripts do run
                    against it.
3) some bittorrent peering for geotorrent.org.

4) home.gdal.org - my personal web site which I'll move to a shared hosting
                    service I've been paying for and not using for a while
                    (one of those $10/month type services).

I have created a trac ticket to track this task:


My main question(s) are:

  o Where should we put these services?  I'm thinking putting it www.gdal.org
    on the same blade as download.osgeo.org would be convenient from my point
    of view.

  o Is there an issue with migrating over maps.gdal.org and the bittorrent
    peering?  This duplicates work done by the geodata group.  I could
    actually just decommission this if it doesn't fit the model well.

I expect Mateusz and I will do the bulk of the actual migration work.

BTW, I'd also like to transfer control of the gdal.org domain to OSGeo
at some point.

Best regards,
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