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Mon Mar 26 11:53:12 EDT 2007

#89: Improve caching of website
  Reporter:  tmitchell    |       Owner:  sac at lists.osgeo.org     
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                     
  Priority:  minor        |   Component:  SAC                     
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  drupal cache performance
Comment (by jbirch):

 Both of those changes to htaccess make a lot of sense.  I'd even extend
 caching of text/html content, but I'd be surprised if content generated
 dynamically by PHP was covered by mod_expires anyway.

 I could be wrong though; all of my experience thus far has been with
 Apache 1.x, and some of the module call orders seem to have changed
 considerably in 2.x

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