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#355: Enable themes in Trac
Reporter:  timlinux    |       Owner:  sac at lists.osgeo.org
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Priority:  normal      |   Component:  SAC                
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 We are in the process of unifying the look and feel of all QGIS web assets
 - website, wiki, blog, trac, etc.

 I would like to install the trac theme manager extension and a customised
 version of the crystalx theme. I am happy to do the work myself or if
 someone on the admin side can do it that would be great too.

 The installation will require restart of apache.

 I have tested the procedure on a local machine here and the procedure is
 as follows:

 First install python-dev headers which is going to be needed by some of
 the theme engine deps.

 sudo apt-get install python2.5-dev

 The equivalent package under fedora will need to be installed for the
 above step.

 Next get the theme engine from here:


 Look for the "Download and Source" section on the above page.

 Now unzip the zip and cd into its 0.11 dir then do:
 sudo python setup.py install
 Next get the crystal theme from here:


 Download the theme and extract it then do:

 cd crystalxtheme/0.11/
 sudo python setup.py install

 Finally add to the trac ini a couple of lines:

 vim /opt/trac/sac/conf/trac.ini

 # Added by Tim for crystal theme support
 themeengine.* = enabled
 crystalxtheme.* = enabled

 theme = CrystalX

 After doing these steps go into trac admin and enble the themeengine and
 crystal theme plugins.

 '''Note''' We will use a customised version of the above theme.

 Are there any objections to me going ahead and installing this? If not can
 you provide me the appropriate details for connecting to the trac server?

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