[SAC] Motion: Provide SVN and Trac services to the UbuntuGIS project

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed May 20 11:05:06 EDT 2009

I hereby motion that SAC/OSGeo provide SVN and Trac services to the 
UbuntuGIS project, with Howard Butler taking care of the setup of the 
new services.

I'll start with my +1.

Once approved by SAC the request should be referred to the board for

A ticket has already been created for this:

More about UbuntuGIS:

The UbuntuGIS project aims to provide up to date Ubuntu packages for the 
latest and greatest releases of OSGeo software as soon as the software 
is released. It is complementary to the DebianGIS project, the goals of 
UbuntuGIS and its relationship to DebianGIS and the official Ubuntu 
releases are explained here:


There is already a list for the project in case anyone has questions or 
wants to join the effort:


Daniel Morissette

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