[SAC] Server quote/discussions (New Quote)

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Feb 5 17:08:07 EST 2010

Alex Mandel wrote:
> Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>> After chatting with Howard, I took a quick stab at spec'ing out a server
>> again just to get the ball rolling.  I'm sure it's not perfect, so holler.
>> A couple things to note or uncertainties:
>> * AMD vs Intel ?
>> * I'm not familiar with SAS drives and RAID stuff much in general, so
>> not sure if I choose things properly there.
>> * Seemed like some 2U options didn't allow as many drives, but maybe 4U
>> is not needed?
>> * OSL prefers Dell, so the added cost of going with them will encourage
>> expedient service from OSL and in their relationship with Dell.
>> * Not sure if OSL can get a better deal.
>> Comments, changes?  If anyone else is interested in specing out
>> something else, I won't be offended :)
> Ok, by not buying identical servers I think we've got something that
> will work. I'm estimating after a discount applied similar to some
> previous ones where Tyler talked with a Dell rep that it should be $15K
> +/- a few hundred.
> See specs attached.
> The idea is the one with smaller drives is RAID 5 and all about
> performance. The bigger drive machine will be RAID 6 and provide some
> good reliability for local backups, but sill be capable of serving less
> speed intensive services.
> Let me know if I missed anything, I'll be honest I'm a little confused
> what they mean by 1st HD is multi-select (ie should I be putting 5
> drives in the raid and 1 for the host booting OS?)
> Thanks,
> Alex

Final price from Dell for the previous quote with discounts is $15260.96
Anything left for final approval so Tyler can put the purchase in?

FYI: To answer my question - all drives are in the RAID and the RAID is
bootable. It may be possible to use 1 drive outside the RAID if we have
OSL make that modification, but the web is unclear on whether that is
good or not for performance, and is a decision we have to make post
receiving the machines.


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