[SAC] Domain Name Hosting

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Mon Feb 8 17:02:21 EST 2010


In attempting to move OpenLayers and other related projects away from living
entirely on MetaCarta's infrastructure, I am currently looking at Domain
Name Hosting.

Currently, the following domain names related to these projects are 


The primary is the former, but some traffic comes in every day from 
each of the latter -- approximately 200 visits a week for the past 

TileCache also has tilecache.org, tilecache.net, and tilecache.com.

FeatureServer has only featureserver.org at this time.

Currently, OSGeo hosts domains for several of its incubated projects, but
in most cases, no more than one.

 1. I would like to motion that for any incubated projects, it is expected
    that OSGeo will host one domain by default, and more upon request +
    approval by SAC.
    1.1) if SAC is supportive of this, I would like to propose that OSGeo
         hosts these three domains of OpenLayers.

 2. I would like to know what people's opinions are on hosting domain names
    for 'friends of OSGeo' projects, ones that are not incubated (usually
    because they are too small). It seems to me that hosting up to one
    domain for these would be fair, but that hosting additional domain
    names should be only associated with a donation of some sort that would
    financially support that hosting -- so a minimal $500 sponsorship would
    presumably support some number of years of hosting for domains, and 
    OSGeo could accept the burden of doing so at that point. 

I am hopeful that we can agree that hosting project domains -- specifically,
to prevent them from possibly being abused by organizations who might want to
'usurp' the good name that projects have built -- is a task that OSGeo
can perform as part of its role as a steward of the projects that have
gone through incubation, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Best Regards,
Christopher Schmidt

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