[SAC] Server Planning

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Feb 19 16:36:44 EST 2010

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> What kind of an ETA do you have for getting this deployed? I'm pretty
>> swamped for the next month or so but I should be able to get this setup.
>> I'm also waiting for the GA relase of Ganeti 2.1 which should be fairly
>> soon.
> Ouch - this sounds like hurry up and wait.

I've asked OSL if it would be more likely to setup 1 immediately and the
 2nd when they have a little more time (probably a couple of weeks after
the 1st machine. At that time if the 1st machine needs some upgrades we
can shuffle the images from one to the other with little to no downtime.
They responded that this would be reasonable.

They also asked which machine we would want on 1st and if we could give
the 2 machines more distinct names for them (If we don't care OSL is
happy to name them for us using their local naming scheme).

Any thoughts?


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