[SAC] Servers shipped!

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Feb 23 08:35:06 EST 2010

Alex Mandel wrote:
> I'll probably also need a list of SAC members/email addresses for those
> who should be given direct logins to the Host machines - I assume Frank
> or Howard will furnish that to me. Remember that's just to control the
> creating and management of the virtual machines and to rescue LDAP. Each
> vm itself will have LDAP like all the current machines.


The list of Primary Administrators has the people is applicable.


I do believe their should be at least one VM without LDAP based
administration - that being the one which host LDAP itself and
perhaps some other services for which security is of the utmost

It is also possible/likely that we will want to establish additional
LDAP groups for those with shell access for particular VMs.  The current
shell access group is quite large and might not be suitable for machines
we want administered carefully.

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