[SAC] Unable to SSH into buildbot.osgeo.org

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Feb 25 22:55:32 EST 2010

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Jeff,
> On osgeo1 (svn/trac) there are backup scripts that run in roughly the
> 2-5am EST period and it has been my observation that these often lead
> to IO saturation and we start getting a backup in http services that
> results in service unavailability.
> I don't know how to fix it short of migrating service(s) to a new home.
> We are doing that.
> So I think the key is to get svn/trac migrated to OSL as soon as practical
> without putting undue amounts of time into babying osgeo1.
> I'm less sure why xblade14 has bad periods.  It might be that several
> buildbot runs are launched at the same time.  We also have a plan to 
> migrate
> buildbot slaves off xblade14 that would help address that particular issue
> if it is the cause, but such migration is going quite slowly.   It would be
> helpful if you could login to the server in advance of the problem period
> and monitor top to see what results in the server overload.


Thanks for the explanation.  Yes I hope that the migration helps this 
issue (for contributors from other parts of the world).


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