[SAC] Who manages Nabble archives?

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Oct 3 06:21:21 EDT 2011


Thanks for follow-up.
In the Nable admin panel, is there any option to assign the archive to 
new owner? If there is, perhaps you could assign it to me, so I can take 
over the maintenance work.
If not, then I will send request to Peter from Nabble to do it.

Best regards,

On 30/09/11 04:22, Jason Birch wrote:
> Sorry folks; all my [SAC] subject mail was getting filtered into a
> folder that I wasn't checking with any kind of regularity.
> I don't mind at all responding to this kind of thing if there's anything
> that still has my name on it. I don't have much time to spend on stuff
> outside of work and family right now, but I'll make time for technical
> stuff that I'd be holding up otherwise.
> If anything else pops up, please make sure to send to me directly under
> a separate subject.  And maybe ping me on Twitter @jasonbirch to make
> sure I notice :)
> I'm pretty sure Mateusz has this in hand, but let me know if you need
> anything else.
> Jason
> On 19 September 2011 06:00, Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas <jsanz at osgeo.org
> <mailto:jsanz at osgeo.org>> wrote:
>     Hi, I'm cc-ing Jason just in case he's not reading SAC list
>     Long ago I asked Jason to add a gvSIG category then I added the gvSIG
>     mailing lists there as subforums so I manage that "leaf" of the OSGeo
>     tree of archives. Adding a mailing list to nabble is pretty easy.
>     I remember Jason commenting some time ago to pass the Nabble ball to
>     someone so if no one is interested and assuming is not so much work, I
>     can take that responsibility if the SAC agrees.
>     As Hamish says, archiving elsewhere is easy (at gvSIG we archive also at
>     gmane and mail-archive.com <http://mail-archive.com>) but I thing
>     nabble is the most used, even
>     when gmane offers a news service for old-fashioned readers and blog
>     style for non-so-old-fashioned ones :-)
>     Best
>     --
>     Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
>     http://es.osgeo.org
>     http://jorgesanz.net
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