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#939: Mailing list for gvSIG Argentina community
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Comment(by jsanz):

 Hi, let me translate the message above as seems they didn't undestood that
 maybe SAC folks don't understand Spanish :-)


 Hy mi name is Juan Pablo Millicay, I'm one of the coordinators of the
 [http://gvsig-argentina.blogspot.com.ar/p/coordinadores.html Argentina
 gvSIG community], and on behalf of this community I ask for the creation
 of a mailing list at the OSGeo systems, as we nowadays don't have any and
 we think is really important to have one to boost the communication
 between gvSIG users in Argentina. The name of the mailing list would be
 "gvsig-argentina"*, the admin mail would be "ricardo32.vm at gmail.com".

 We hope to have a positive answer.

 Best regards

 Juan Pablo Millicay[[BR]]

 Systems engineer and gvSIG Argentina coordinator

 * Note by Jorge: I've changed the dash looking at other OSGeo mailing
 lists names

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