[SAC] [OSGeo] #943: Mailing list for Galapgos local group

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Tue Jul 17 07:04:55 PDT 2012

#943: Mailing list for Galapgos local group
 Reporter:  daniballari    |       Owner:  sac@…                           
     Type:  task           |      Status:  new                             
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Component:  Systems Admin  |    Keywords:  mailman, galapagos, geoinquietos
 Hi, I ask for setting up a mailing list for a local group in

 The mailing list name would be "galapagos@…" with the short description of
 "Lista de correo para la iniciativa local de Geoinquietos Galapagos".

 Jorge Sanz and I will administrate the list.

 Thanks in advance

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