[SAC] [Qgis-developer] www.qgis.org

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Tue Jun 26 09:16:24 PDT 2012

>>> Hi devs!
>>> As there will be the harder feature freeze for debian 7.0(!) in a few
>>> days I took a look at our server and saw that we are running
>>> cat /etc/debian_version
>>> 5.0.10
>>> What about upgrading to 6.0 ? Any objections against it (beside that
>>> some things might not run afterwards) 
>>> Usually debian does not make any problems while upgrading but who knows..
>>> But especially the PHP Version running on the server is already not
>>> supported any more ..
>>> Who is brave to try an update?
>>> kind regards
>>> Werner

>> All, please coordinate this with OSGeo SAC. There are some potential
>> quirks to upgrading the OS on the virtual machines.
> if it's on a VM, why not reinstalling everything afresh on a different
> one, and switch when ready?

That option is possible, I'll need to verify we have enough disk space
1st and make the request to OSUOSL. Putting a ticket into trac.osgeo.org
would be good to keep track of the progress.

We have 2 choices, a blank or a clone. A clone might take a few minutes
of downtime (10 minutes I think). Clone would obviously save time long term.


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