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Tue Nov 20 14:01:52 PST 2012

#1025: account to upload to downloads.osgeo.org/postgis
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Changes (by warmerdam):

  * keywords:  => download
  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed



 I have added account "robe" to the list that can ssh/sftp into
 download.osgeo.org (and a few other systems like the ProjectsVM).

 I have also added group write permissions on
 /osgeo/download/postgis/source in the hopes that you will be able to write
 there.  If not, Paul or I should be able to alter things as needed.

 I don't have a strong answer to the accounts for robot uploads.  I think
 you can decide yourself how to handle it, as long as the account is setup
 with an email address that ends up at a human who is somewhat responsible
 for the account.

 Note that uploading nightly binary builds send to fill our backup system
 up with cruft.

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