[SAC] [OSGeo] #1370: Normalise spelling of QGIS for mailing lists

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Wed Jul 16 22:43:07 PDT 2014

#1370: Normalise spelling of QGIS for mailing lists
 Reporter:  timlinux       |       Owner:  sac@…              
     Type:  task           |      Status:  new                
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  Unplanned          
Component:  Systems Admin  |    Keywords:  QGIS               

Comment(by neteler):

 Here the list:


 Qgis-community-team     [no description available]
 Qgis-developer  [no description available]
 Qgis-edu        QGIS education list
 QGIS-es         Lista de usuarios de QGIS en Español
 Qgis-psc        Quantum GIS Project Steering Committee
 QGIS-pt         QGIS PT - lista de utilizadores QGIS, em português.
 Qgis-release-team       QGIS release team.
 Qgis-tr         QGIS Translation Discussions
 QGIS-trac       QGIS Trac Mailing List
 qgis-uk-user    UK QGIS users list
 Qgis-us-user    USA QGIS Users
 Qgis-user       QGIS User List
 QGIS-UX         QGIS UX (User Experience) Discussion

 The respective list admin (I checked some, it is often you) can easily
 edit the
 description in the first page in the mailman admin account:

 "The public name of this list (make case-changes only). _______"

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