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Fri Jul 18 05:53:46 PDT 2014

#1372: Create new mailing list: industry
 Reporter:  jmckenna       |        Owner:  sac@…              
     Type:  task           |       Status:  closed             
 Priority:  normal         |    Milestone:                     
Component:  Systems Admin  |   Resolution:  fixed              
 Keywords:  mailman        |  
Changes (by Jsanz):

  * keywords:  => mailman
  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed



 Mailing list created with me, Peter and Dirk as admins. I'm only as a
 backup, if you confirm to be able to administer the list, or find anyone
 willing to do so, please tell me and I'll update the list accordingly.

 I'll send you the password via e-mail.

 Nabble archive also in place

 lists+s1560n5151768h8 at n6.nabble.com

 I haven't subscribed anybody.


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