[SAC] sysadmin activity report and planning

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Fri Jun 3 08:21:11 PDT 2016

An update: contract is in effect until end of August.

As for tasks, I've fixed the Trac error on submission
(it was a non-working captcha). So now if a submission is found
suspicious, the user will be given the option of solving a captcha.
The weight of a solved (or not solved) captcha is configurable,
if needed. I've created a "spammer" account to test this, if
you want to give it a try against the instance of your project
(maybe because you need some spam in the bayes database) then
let me know and I'll give you the spammer user password.

So left-over tasks ahead (pending approval):

  1. Refuse to create two accounts with the same email:
  2. Add email confirmation flow to user creation form:
  3. Expose a password reset tool for the web


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