[SAC] [OSGeo] #1842: Need to rename the whole "Quantum GIS" Nabble forum to "QGIS"

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Fri Jan 13 07:44:25 PST 2017

#1842: Need to rename the whole "Quantum GIS" Nabble forum to "QGIS"
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 I know, this one is tricky.  But it has to happen.  Now or never.

 It will of course break existing links to the forum (see text of url at

 This was again requested by Andreas Neumann

 I think we should just hit the big green button for this change, and live
 with the consequences.  I also think that the QGIS PSC is about to publish
 this forum to its users, so this is a great time to make this change.

 (Please speak up here Andreas)

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