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#2066: publish new website
 Reporter:  jive           |       Owner:  sac@…
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 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  Website rebranding 2017
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Comment (by robe):

 Just outlining the steps that need to be done to make it happen

 1) DNS change -- Alex or strk  want to take ownership of this when it
 comes time.  I don't have access to DNS (wildintellect, strk) -- so A
 record - (osgeo.org, CNAME www.osgeo.org), and what we
 currently have for osgeo.org/www.osgeo.org becomes old.osgeo.org (or
 whatever we decided on)
 2) config.php needs to be changed to reflect https://www.osgeo.org  (robe)
 3) LetsEncrypt SSL for www.osgeo.org  (robe)
 4) MySQL update fix any hard-coded staging.www.osgeo.org that may have
 occurred while people were editing and make them relative links (would be
 nice if we can figure out a way in wordpress to prevent hardcoded links
 from happening) - (robe)

 5) Any redirects from old site we need to keep (this we may have to do
 piecemeal ) -- robe, strk, jive

 6) Make sure robots.txt is right and old.osgeo.org has a robots.txt that
 says do not crawl.

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