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#2066: publish new website
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Comment (by robe):

 I think we want to do 3 as I don't see us getting new hardware before
 January 15th.  Do you have proposed specs yet even and it's fairly trivial
 to setup a second site on this box.

 So I think the above steps still hold.

 I'll add to my list todo

 Create whole new site www.osgeo.org/osgeo.org on the current server and
 keep staging as is, aside from changing the repointing staging to backup
 db called osgeo_staging.

 I think once we get new server, we should install things differently

 1) We are going with PHP7 and not PHP5 that is currently installed in
 staging.  Not sure why GI installed PHP 5.  Might be because that's what
 we have on our old hardware and they wanted something we could easily
 support instead of PHP 7 to begin with.

 2) We are going to go with MariaDB 10+ and ditch MYSQL.  I want as little
 to do with Oracle as possible, I'm sure others share my sentiment.

 I run other wordpress sites on the above so don't foresee an issue with
 switching, but we'd probably want a week of grace before we switch over to
 the new hardware just in case.

 When we get new hardware, probably doesn't make sense to hold on to this
 cloud instance beyond our subscription period.  We can run both staging
 and production on our own hardware.

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