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#2069: Upgrade Staging to Php7
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Comment (by robe):

 I'd rather not upgrade the cloudvps we have already since we don't have an
 image of it and we should just go live as planned on Jan 15th.  I think
 going live while the content is fresh is more important than the extra
 stress of having little time to test PHP7/MariaDb to make a Feb 1st that
 frankly I don't think we can make given all the testing we may need to do.

 Even the CloudVPS debian i(it's 8 not the most recent stable 9)  so I'd
 just assume chuck that box when we are done with it, or reimage it from a
 scratch VM (assuming we are sticking with it for future staging), after we
 have production hosted on our server.

 Did we decide if it's worthwhile to do this in docker or should we just
 have a VM.  Docker from IRC discussion sounds messy and I fear splitting
 the database and website (the install in Docker, the database/website
 sitting on bear-metal will make upgrading and move needlessly complicated
 and introduce two points of failure instead of one).  The database is tiny
 (under 3MB) and the files take up about 1 GB.

 So perhaps we should just do this on a new VM we either contract from
 OSUOSL or we build on our own infrastructure.

 What I was planning to do to experiment is just setup a virtual box
 running Debian 9, fresh PHP7, MariaDB, restore the latest wordpress backup
 onto it and then do the upgrade of the plugins and in process have a very
 well documented step by step instruction guide on how we will setup the
 new server.

 Then we can repeat the same steps at OSUOSL (for production setup) and
 wherever we decide to keep the staging server.

 What would be really cool is if we can have some sort of sandbox space
 where we can setup KVM images and then bring up the image when we are
 ready at OSUOSL.  Though I'm not sure what that entails.

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