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#2066: publish new website
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Comment (by robe):

 Okay I've got a Debian 9.3 VM with PHP 7, MariaDb 10.1 with the last
 night's wordpress backup loaded and using LetsEncrypt.  At a cursory
 glance all seems to be working without any changes (aside from getting rid
 of php5 mod something or other in one of the configs) and fiddle with
 .htaccess (and minor changes cause I'm proxing the traffic).

 I also have SSH access via LDAP working as well and also working on

 At a glance all looks good.  Now all I need is for someone to make a DNS
 entry so we can start testing.

 Can someone either do a CNAME or A

 CNAME staging2.www.osgeo.org  to winnie.postgis.net


 A staging2.www.osgeo.org

 I'll also put up the instructions for setup on the wiki. I tried to make
 as detailed of instructions as possible.

 Most of the time spent was figuring out which extensions were missing as
 some were missed  in our setup docs.

 If I had to do it all again with what I know now, shouldn't have taken
 more than 2 hrs with a brand new debian box and much of that 2 hrs would
 just be waiting for things to install.

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