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#2081: wp: Data corruption on profile save (encoding problem)
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Comment (by robe):

 I reloaded the data from https://staging.www.osgeo.org to


 and then converted all the tables and columns to utf8mb4 character set and
 utfmb4_unicode_ci collation.

 After that I tried the above two examples, and the input text is no longer

 I went with utf8mb4 because MYSQL utf8 (is a 3 byte character code system
 so doesn't support all utf8).  The downside is utf8mb4 doesn't work with
 really old mysql drivers or mysql servers.

 I did a quick test on staging.www.osgeo.org to quickly confirm it supports

 Anyrate I'm hesitate to make the change on staging.www.osgeo.org, without
 people looking at staging2 to confirm nothing got mangled in the process.

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