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#2072: test links
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Comment (by robe):

 well rather than figure out what's what, I ended up just mapping these
 back to old until we can figure out what to do with them.  Here is the
 full list of Cnames pointing at old.www.osgeo.org

 I took out id.osgeo.org since that has to stay mapped to old.www.osgeo.org
 (or we change to the ip)
 Also took out mapguide2 » old.www.osgeo.org.  since that is a real
 separate site sitting on old server.

 csmap » old.www.osgeo.org.
 edu » old.www.osgeo.org.
 es » old.www.osgeo.org.
 fdo2 » old.www.osgeo.org.
 fr » old.www.osgeo.org.
 geodata » old.www.osgeo.org.
 geonetwork » old.www.osgeo.org.
 geotiff » old.www.osgeo.org.
 geotools » old.www.osgeo.org.
 gvsig » old.www.osgeo.org.
 hg » old.www.osgeo.org.
 in » old.www.osgeo.org.
 incubator » old.www.osgeo.org.
 it » old.www.osgeo.org.
 jp » old.www.osgeo.org.
 libgeotiff » old.www.osgeo.org.
 mapbender » old.www.osgeo.org.
 mapbuilder » old.www.osgeo.org.
 metacrs » old.www.osgeo.org.
 openlayers » old.www.osgeo.org.
 osgeo4w » old.www.osgeo.org.
 ossim » old.www.osgeo.org.
 pl » old.www.osgeo.org.
 proj » old.www.osgeo.org.
 proj4j » old.www.osgeo.org.
 qc » old.www.osgeo.org.
 quebec » old.www.osgeo.org.

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