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#2087: difficulty posting on osgeo incubator list
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 Received the following via email:


 Dear Incubator-owner,

 Last week I send my first email to the incubator at lists.osgeo.org. Even
 though the email arrived in the archive, it was not received by all

 - It was not received by Jody Garnett
 - I did receive it myself, but with a warning that:" This sender failed
 our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be."

 I looked into the header of the email that I received and it contains the

  Authentication-Results: spf=pass (sender IP is
  smtp.mailfrom=lists.osgeo.org; surrey.ac.uk; dkim=fail (signature did not
  verify) header.d=surrey.ac.uk;surrey.ac.uk; dmarc=fail action=none

 On the Mailman developer Wiki I found a discussion about DKIM trouble:

 So my best guess is that Mailman breaks the DKIM signature that is created
 by surrey.ac.uk, and leaves the broken signature in place. Therefore the
 message fails authentication tests and is not delivered to all users.

 I suppose this is not an issue specific to the OSGeo incubator list.
 Nevertheless it seems to be a problem that requires a solution. Please let
 me know if you need any further information from me. If you are aware of a
 workaround that I can follow that would also be great.

 With kind regards,


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