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#2083: map content integration not working on osgeo.org
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Comment (by robe):


 Looking at the openstreetmap.php file, I don't think that controls the
 members map.  I'm not sure what does.  The openstreetmap.php only seems to
 reference geoforall.

 I thought originally it was lack of long / lats missing, but I see it
 working on osgeo.getinteractive.nl

 and it also seems to work on
 https://staging2.www.osgeo.org/community/members/  (well I see a map
 anyway with points).

 I'll reload the staging2 data from production tomorrow to see if I can
 replicate the failure.

 The difference with production and staging 2 are

 staging2 is running php7, produciton php5
 staging2 is MariaDb 10.1 (and I also converted all the tables to utf8mb4),
 production still has mostly latin formatted tables.

 staging2 data is about 2weeks ago snapshot of production.

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