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#2075: Handling roles
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Comment (by cvvergara):

 Adding roles:

 * "Incubator"  that allows:
   * Create, edit, publish and delete a project page
 * "Project PSC" that allows:
   * Create and edit a project page

 So, for example:
 A new project enters incubation then the "Project PSC" members of the
 project get the role so that they can build up their project page
 Once its ready the "Incubator" gives the approval by publishing it.
 (comunication with Incubation maillist to ask for the approval would be

 what this does not cover:
 "Project PSC" can edit projects that don't belong to them.
 But the changes don't get published until Incubator publishes them.
 (comunication with Incubation maillist to ask for the approval would be

 What is expected:
 Maybe at the beginning projects want to refine they project page, but once
 its ready changes would be seldom.

 Who gets "Incubator" role: Incubation committee
 Who gets "Project PSC" role: projects PSC members

 Jody and me experimented on the Incubator role
 I experimented on the Project PSC role

 So only "Incubator" and "Project PSC" can create a valid project page.

 Just tested that some other roles can publish projects :(

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