[SAC] download server: No space left on device

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Sun May 13 09:29:08 PDT 2018

Hi Martin,

On Fri, 20. Oct 2017 at 00:00:57 +0200, Jürgen E. Fischer wrote:
> On Thu, 19. Oct 2017 at 09:47:36 -0700, Alex M wrote:
> > An NFS mount from osgeo6 is also an option. Could be done all by us.
> Done.  /dev/ogdata/download created on osgeo6 (100G), nfs exported, mounted on
> download:/osgeo/download/download6, osgeo4w and qgis copied (42G) to it and
> symlinked to the original spot.
> For now qgis and osgeo4w were moved to a subdirectory named disabled - I'll
> remove it if nothing else pops up for a while...
> Not sure what we need to do on on backup - there's enough space to hold more
> copies in the /mirror directory - and it already carries a lot of cruft that is
> long gone from download.
On Sun, 13. May 2018 at 12:16:44 +0000, Martin Spott wrote:
> Ok, aparently "download" was mounting from "osgeo6" via NFS and, at the same
> time, exporting not only via HTTP but via FTP and Rsync as well.

> After removing "rpcbind" both on "download" and "osgeo6", the NFS mount
> stalled and all dependent processes were stuck.
> It looks like the NFS mount was set up on Okt 19, 2017.  I hope I didn't do
> this myself ....  At least this explains why "rpcbind" was installed on
> exactly these two machines, which actually made me feel surprised when I
> noticed its existence.

I'm suprised that you're suprised - as it's no news.

How do we deal with this?  The space is needed.


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