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Tue Dec 8 20:03:45 PST 2020

#2475: OSGeo mail server on DNS blocklist
 Reporter:  Jeff McKenna           |       Owner:  jsanz
     Type:  task                   |      Status:  new
 Priority:  critical               |   Milestone:  Unplanned
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Comment (by robe):

 Reading about this more - we are running 2.1.34

 That said -- this version does have settings for mail list admins to
 configure this to be DMARC friendly.

 From the wiki:

 The from_is_list feature from 2.1.16 is always available, but it is not
 recommended. Use dmarc_moderation_action instead.
 There are new settings in Privacy options - Sender filters:

     dmarc_moderation_action is a five valued setting with values
         Accept - accept the post without rewriting From: or wrapping the
         Munge From - rewrite the From: and Reply-To: as in from_is_list
         Wrap Message - wrap the message as in from_is_list
         Reject - reject the post
         Discard - Discard the post
     dmarc_moderation_notice is a custom reject message to replace the
 default Reject message.

 The above options other than Accept override the from_is_list setting for
 messages whose original From: domain publishes a DMARC policy of p=reject
 or p=quarantine. A per-list option is available to limit this to just
 p=reject or to apply it to either p=reject or p=quarantine. If the option
 is Accept, the from_is_list setting applies.

 There is a site option to set the default for dmarc_moderation_action and
 list admins may not set the action to a setting which is above the site
 default in the above list. E.g., if the site default is Reject, list
 admins can only set Reject or Discard; if the site default is Munge From,
 list admins can select anything but Accept.

 But I do think we should changed the default dmarc_moderation_action as
 this is becoming more of an issue.

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