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#2411: Jenkins build server to replace build.geoserver.org
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Comment (by jive):

 The new jenkins server is now available at build.geoserver.org ...

 But we are having some kind of problem accessing repo.osgeo.org with
 consistent performance and wanted to ask if there is any network
 throttling or limiting in place on repo.osgeo.org?  A maven build and a
 denial of service attack look very similar with bursty traffic patterns.

 Our builds are failing after a sustained load on repo.osgeo.org with
 connection timeouts:
 [ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project geoserver:
 Could not resolve dependencies for project
 Could not transfer artifact org.geotools:gt-
 opengis:jar:24-20200503.120242-25 from/to osgeo-snapshots
 Connect to repo.osgeo.org:443 [repo.osgeo.org/] failed:
 Connection timed out (Connection timed out) -> [Help 1]

 We have:

 - Observed this from build.geoserver.org
 - Set up a second build on a different cloud provider to verify the
 - however building as individuals around the world does not show this
 - builds of other downstream projects (geomea) is are not having a problem

 Next steps:

 - we are going to test a build that does not use repo.osgeo.org in order
 to double check this is an osgeo networking issue

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