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Wed May 6 18:14:58 PDT 2020

#2452: new VM for demo.pycsw.org
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Comment (by robe):

 Tom I can't figure out how to give a different user group access to
 It seems docker is hardwired to accept only docker as a group.  I'm sure
 it's buried somewhere and we can rename it, but not sure

 So what I did instead is this -- which is pretty much following the
 directions you had above

 sudo usermod -aG docker tomkralidis #add tom to docker group
 sudo usermod -aG docker robe # add regina to docker group

 Then I exited out of pycsw and logged back in and tried doing this. Note
 logging out and logging back in is required for new permissions to take

  docker run hello-world

 and it was successful.  Before that it gave a permission error.

 Is that okay, or you really need the group to be called pycsw-demo?

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