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#2457: enable ssh git on gitea
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Comment (by robe):

 I've enabled it on gitea dev instance.  Steps I did to enable it

 in the /home/git/gitea/custom/app.ini

 I changed the following lines
 DISABLE_SSH = false
 SSH_PORT = 3002
 START_SSH_SERVER = true #this one I had to add
 SSH_DOMAIN = dev.git.osgeo.org

 then do

 service gitea restart

 On osgeo4 host whitelisted that port and added tracsvn-dev as proxy

 ufw allow 3002 comment "tracsvn gitea ssh"
 lxc config device add tracsvn-dev proxyportgiteassh proxy
 listen=tcp: connect=tcp: bind=host

 Then to test I logged into https://dev.gitea.osgeo.org/gitea - went to
 settings and added my ssh public key to my profile

 Then from my local computer did below and also did a test commit

 git clone ssh://git@dev.git.osgeo.org:3002/postgis/postgis.git postgis-dev

 I went back to https://dev.gitea.osgeo.org/gitea and it showed on my
 profile next to my public key "Last used on May 09, 2020"

 To change an existing dev repo I had I did this

 git remote set-url origin

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