[SAC] [OSGeo] #2445: Issue with Maven OSGEO (repo.osgeo.org) - no remote packages available

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#2445: Issue with Maven OSGEO (repo.osgeo.org) - no remote packages available
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Comment (by jive):

 So if I understand [https://community.sonatype.com/t/maven-nexus-v3
 -remote-repository-integration-with-artifactory/2149 2149]:

 Known issue with Artifactory integration written for Nexus 2, we use Nexus
 3 leading to the following workaround:

 To integrate repo.osgeo.org as a remote repository into artifactory:

 1. Use the nexus URL: https://repo.osgeo.org/repository/releases/

 2. Note that testing the URL before saving it will give a 404 warning

 3. After running your maven build artifactory will be able to fetch the
 the artifacts

 This problem occurs as the artifactory test expects to be able to browse
 to the Nexus URL location. However in Nexus 3 repository URLs are machine
 readable, with a separate URL for browsing.

 If the above is correct I will add it to our wiki and resolve this issue.

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