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Mon May 18 04:37:50 PDT 2020

#2459: new dedicated VM for demo.mapserver.org
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Comment (by Jeff McKenna):

 Yes all Windows users now have the native SSH included.  Nice trick eh?

 Not surprised it was the hostname, I was trying so many options for it,
 the IP etc ha (it was the error 'getpeername failed" that was telling me
 that). Here is my working settings, hopefully this helps someone else
 someday down the road...

 Host jump
     HostName     download.osgeo.org
     Port         22
     User         jmckenna
     IdentityFile C:\Users\Jeff\.ssh\id_rsa.openssl-decrypt

 Host osgeo7-mapserver
     HostName     mapserver
     User         jmckenna
     IdentityFile C:\Users\Jeff\.ssh\id_rsa.openssl-decrypt
     #ProxyCommand C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH\ssh.exe -W %h:%p jump
     ProxyJump jump


 PS. I don't use unix emulators for anything, I find I learn much more this
 way, the hard way ha.

 Wishing you a nice holiday Monday from Canada!  Thanks for your help

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