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#2461: Static web server for docs.geoserver.org
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Comment (by jive):

 The website is updated by build.geoesrver.org as part of this job:
 Currently it is uploaded to s3, if we change to static file hosting rsync
 could be used as is done for the geotools docs.

 I have no opinion on hosting of static websites, I assume more than one
 project would be interested.

 GitHub pages is not an option as we are over the 10 GB limit for that

 Reference recent
 [https://sourceforge.net/p/geoserver/mailman/message/37008573/ recent
 meeting] on doc hosting and size:

 Q: Long term home for docs?

    static webserver, ask osgeo?

    *  moderate amount of space (due to prior builds) 2-10 GBs
    *  Can cut back on archived releases if needed < 1GB
    *  ask via trac?
    *  Mapserver docs hosted by OSGeo
    * Action: Jody to request via trac

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