[Shapelib] Odd lines

Corazao, Tony TCorazao at overwatch.com
Fri Jun 16 10:06:41 PDT 2006

I am using shapeLib to parse the .shp file called 'country.shp' that
comes with ArcMap and am getting some odd results.  My application will
take the vertex points from each shape and simply draw them as a polygon
on my screen.  The problem, however, is that many of the shapes have
stray lines associated with them.  For instance, the country France gets
drawn, but then a line is drawn to Corsica and then the island of
Corsica is drawn.  I see that both land masses are part of France, but
how can I scrub the data to get rid of that extra line.  I've tried just
cutting off one polygon drawn when the next point is more than 2 degrees
away, but then on other parts of the world, not all the land masses get

Does anyone know what I can look for to predict when the shape will
suddenly have a vertex point away, then start plotting in a different
position?  The map I'm drawing looks rather odd.





Tony Corazao


Software Engineer

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tcorazao at overwatch.com



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