[Shapelib] Shapefile decimation

Mike.Sexton at ga.gov.au Mike.Sexton at ga.gov.au
Sun Nov 12 18:07:06 PST 2006



I have another query.


Last time I asked about making shapefiles from ASCII X,Y files. I followed up
on the suggestion of modifying shpadd.c to read from an input file and a
friend modified the code and in virtually no time produced a very good result


In fact too good.


The files are very large. I would like to decimate the shapefiles. I have
scanned the web looking for a program that might achieve this. I found the
program fshape and to my utter amazement got it too work. I need to play with
the parameters a bit (my first attempt was a bit severe). But since the
various shapes in the shapefiles are ships tracks, it would probably be just
as valid to accept only every 10th point (or even less). I could go back to
the original datafiles and decimate them (although they were in a myriad of
formats and I kept altering my script to pull out the bits I need). This is
not an attractive option when the 2000 odd shapefiles are in a standard
format already.


I was wondering if a shapefile decimator existed?


Otherwise I might have to go back to my friend





Mike Sexton

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