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Joaquin Perez Valera joaquinperezvalera at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 18:35:30 PST 2008


Now I found the way to call the shapelib functions to my program in C++.
There is a sample of my little code, well I took the code from a
shpcreat.cand rename it as

static char rcsid[] =
  "$Id: shpcreate.c,v 1.5 2002/01/15 14:36:07 warmerda Exp $";
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include "shapefil.h"
#include "string.h"

using namespace std;
int main()

    SHPHandle    hSHP;
    int        nShapeType;
    string  shape_name;

//Here the program ask for a name
    cout << "Name of the new shapefile?: " << endl;

    cout << "The program will show the name of the shapefile: " <<
nombre_archivo << endl;

//Here the program creates the shapefile. Gives a name and a type
    hSHP = SHPCreate( shape_name.c_str(), nShapeType );

    SHPClose( hSHP );

    return 0;

This little program runs in windows with the library in dll and in linux,
but under Linux I must generate and shpopen.o and after compile in this way.

g++ -g shpcreate.cpp shpopen.o -o myprogram

And I have a good result.

The secret was to put include these libraries: cstdlib and string.h.

The way is very easy.
Now I have another problem, but I'll try to solve it myself and if I have
can't I'll ask :)

See you.

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