[SoC] [SoC report] home range analysis in QGIS

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at studenti.uninsubria.it
Fri Aug 8 09:16:33 EDT 2008

Hello all,

this week I released the plugin with full functionality (revision 111).
It is available for testing. 
Under Debian-alikes it works well, in Windows there are some problems due to
availability of RPy for R 2.7.1, since adehabitat R package doesn't run under R
2.7.0. It is therefore suggested to use R 2.6.2 and corresponding RPy until a
stable RPy2 comes out.

Next week I plan to do further testing, write down documentation and think about
a tutorial. A sample dataset will also be shipped together with the code of the

No blocks at the moment!
Happy coding to all of us,

Anne Ghisla

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