[SoC] SoC Report: Homerange analyses with QGIS

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at studenti.uninsubria.it
Fri Jun 27 10:13:12 EDT 2008

Hello all, 

This week I worked on the interface.
The connection between QGIS and the dialogs is now established, I have to clean
up the signal/slot code (I wrote a lot of code to test the connection, I think
I'll turn it into debugging info).
The code on the repository has been developed and tested both on Ubuntu 8.04 64
bit and Windows XP Home, and is available for more tests on Macintosh.
Running QGIS from a shell, short messages are displayed when interface is called
and some options are modified.

Next week I'll end interface development (except for further improvements) and
begin working on interface-Rpy side.

I have a question about licensing: who will retain copyright of the code? Is GPL
the correct choice for this project?

I'm not experiencing substantial blocks. Except with Eclipse, because I'm not
familiar with Python development (I used it for Java).
I'll be away from this evening until Monday evening, and I'll have limited
access to the Internet. 


Anne Ghisla

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