[SoC] Geo-BI dashboards: final report

Etienne Dube etdube at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 16:08:03 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

Here is my (quite lenghty) final report on the "Geo-BI dashboard" GSoC 
project, attached as a PDF file. I'm very sorry for posting this so 
late, especially since I was the one who suggested we should write final 
reports! My mentor wanted to review this report before I post it to the 
list, and due to a busy schedule he took a long time to do so. Well, 
better late than never...

The project spawned the creation of a new open source project, named 
Spatialytics, a web-mapping client for geo-analytic Spatial OLAP 
dashboards. I will continue working on this in the following months. We 
will setup a website at www.spatialytics.org ; stay tuned for an 
official release soon!

Congratulations again to all participating students, and special thanks 
to the mentors and our administrator, Wolf Bergenheim.



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