[SoC] Rankings and slots

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Wed Apr 15 01:59:09 EDT 2009

Hello mentors and students.

I have news on the ranking and slots.

This year we have 32 applications of worth funding, two of which are by
the same student so 30 students worth funding. Very good!

However, we will only receive 20 slots, so that will make competition
fierce. In order to be as fair as possible we will use the same process
as last year to determine ranking, and that is:

1. Sort all projects by order of acceptable proposals.
	Randomly determine the order in case of ties
2.  For all available slots
	If project has more proposals assign next proposal to the slot


The official project order by which slots will be made available:
   1. uDig (4) [18]
   2. GDAL (4) [17]
   3. OpenRouter (4) [16]
   4. GRASS (4) [11]
   5. GeoServer / GeoTools (3)
   6. Quantum GIS (2) [20]
   7. MapServer (2) [15]
   8. Laval Uni (2) [12]
   9. gvSIG (2) [11]
  10. Mapbender (2) [6]
  11. OpenJUMP/Deegree(1)

(the number in brackers is the number of proposals accepted by the
project minus duplicates)
[The number in square brackets is the random tie-breaker number ]

Please do not score the applications anymore, so that I can adjust the
ranking to be correct.

Thank you,
Wolf Bergenheim
OSGeo GSoC Administrator

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