[SoC] Week 10 - client/server communication with attached documents within the XML

Cristian Martín Reinhold christian.reinhold at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 13:07:47 EDT 2009

This week, I centered my tasks on the server side, the goal was to obtain a
way to upload sld files with attached online resources such as images, and
provide a WSS communication on the client side to ask the attached images
related to a given symbol, if any.
This process is a bit more complicated, so it will bring me also time for
next week. I am having problems in detecting the remote file path of the
attached onlineresource based on the remote sld filepath and the href of the
"onlineresource" tag. Therefore, a new approach will be given for next week,
in which the server will detecte if there is any online resource on the sld
document, and if so, the user will be asked to specify the roots before
uploading, as a second step of the uploading process of the symbol. If these
resources are not specified, the symbol will not be finally uploaded.


Christian Martin Reinhold
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