[SoC] Final Summary Report: WMS Tiling Cache support in gvSIG

Xi Chen chaunceychan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 11:59:43 EDT 2009

Dear All,

Here is my Final Summary Report. Thank You All & Cherish You All.

*What we achieved:*

We have completed all features planed at the begining of this year GSoC as follows,
1. Designing raster tile support in gvSIG core.
2. Adding a new renderer on the same Map Control.
3. Defined a way that a tile layer is going to be integrated with the rest of layers, attending to discrete zoom levels.
4. Management of multiple tile layers with possibly different zoom levels.
As plus, we have implemented other features,
1. Providing a wizard in "Add a layer" command, which can guild users access WMTS function conveniently.
2. Designing an algorithm for more friendly user interaction.

*Plan for future improvements:*

As next step, it still need further test by developer group, by our organization and by users, my mentor and I will continue to commit or assist this work. As in the future, we may implement a way to import local WMTS data to the gvSIG application and as an opposite, to export WMTS data to local. We may try to explore a way to read KVP or SOAP file directly, and at the same time, keep compatibility.

*What I learned:*

This is my first year GSoC. From this, I learned so much that I cannot write them down on such a piece of paper one by one. On programming, I learned what a systematism project is, and improve technic in JAVA language and Eclipse developing environment. On knowledge, I research almost all kinds of ways to implement a cache. I read many books about this in operating system. As well, I learnt WMTS, a famous and widely used standard but it is not only a standard. On experience, I learnt what an international project is, which is vital accumulation in my life. Above all and which is the most important, I have met many perfect person in this year GSoC which I will never forget forever.

*Links to my wiki pages:*

Here is my project wiki page:
Here is my weekly report page:
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There is no doubt that I will continuously cherish this memory in the futrue and in my life. It is my honor to participating in such a famous opensource organization admir OSGeo. Although my work is negligible to my organization, I will remember and enjoy this period forever. It indeed opens a door and guilds me to wonderful and magic opensource world.

First, this must owe to my mentor Luis W. Sevilla. He is a precisian full of experience, capability, and more significantly, responsibility. As well, he is also a gentleman with proper humour and various knowledges range from history to culture. It is fortunate that I have this chance to follow his instructions, chat with him happily, and share our common interests. Luis is also a fan of Chinese. He is interested in almost everything in China. And I am also a fan of Spain because of its sailing history, etc. so we can share many many common topics. It is a wonderful holiday, isn't it? Luis also teaches me that as a software engineer of global view, how to analyse and solve a complicated issue, how to arrange a schedule for a project, how to perform a global teamwork role and communicate with workmates, mentors and people all over the world, and so many other things which I cannot list them one by one on such a limited piece of paper. So, thank you Luis from my heart.

Still as important as the first, this must owe to my co-mentor Jorge Sanz. If no him, maybe no one read my proposal, maybe no one recommend me to your admir OSGeo and join in such a perfect team, maybe no one introduce such a outstanding mentor to me, and maybe no one will help me at the crucial and key time. Thank you very much.

As well, no one will forget Wolf Bergenheim for his wonderful administration. Thanks for your constant attention on my project. Yet we are not familiar enough with each other, however, maybe you forget, but I will not, for your reply to my first weekly report, your humour and your magnanimous. I will never forget your hands in my crucial time.

Last but not least, I must thank other GSoCers (Mentors and Students) on the mailing list and IRC channel. It is fortunate that I can work with so many outstanding person including scientists and engineers nowaday or in the future. Although we have different nationalities and skin colors, but we share one dream, which is improving our organization, and is opening the world (opensouce all over the world).
Sorry for my too poor English to express my appreciation to you. I just want to say, cherish you all.

Best Regards,

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