[udig-devel] [SoC] Netcdf for uDig - status report #7

Tobias Sauerwein to.srwn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 05:18:22 EDT 2009

> Thanks for the status report (with pictures). This week was also 
> review pass/fail time - and I have not heard much from the other 
> project (do you have anything Jesse?) 

Hi Jody,

the "other project" is doing fine. But it is great to hear that at least 
someone is reading my weekly progress reports.. ;-)

To give you a short overview about what is working so far:

- map tiles from OpenStreetMap and MapQuest are shown in uDig, 
reprojected if necessary
- tiles are cached re-using the WMS-C memory/disk cache
- a "Zoom Level Switcher" tools allows you to zoom between the fixed 
zoom-level steps
- if you need a higher resolution (for example for printing), you can 
manually select the zoom-level in which the tiles should be fetched

Here you can find some screenshots:


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