[SoC] H2-OJ integration

Christopher infinityedge at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 17 21:09:49 EDT 2009

This week I began coding an R*Tree. The H2 database lacks a spatial indexing which is necessary for GIS use. The maintainer of H2 had recommended that any spatial index first be coded as a stand alone library, then rolled into a memory only H2 index, then expanded to a disk based index. After a thorough investigation of various spatial indexing data structures, I chose the R*Tree for its performance and proven track record. After looking at all the open source java R*Trees I could find, I decided that none of them would work for my purposes. I'm designing my R*Tree library to integrate with JTS, as that is the foundation that OpenJUMP and many other Java GIS programs are based off of and therefore the R*Tree data structure will be a valuable asset on its own outside of H2.

No real problems to speak of except that the R*Tree paper is deceptively simple; I think my LOC already exceeds the length of the paper.

Next week I'll finish the data structure and begin the heavy testing required for a base level data structure.



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