[SoC] Report #1: WMS Tiling Cache support in gvSIG

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Mon Jun 1 17:13:28 EDT 2009

On 06/01/2009 04:54 PM, Xi Chen wrote:
> I am Xi Chen working on the WMST-C support in gvSIG project. Recently
> I was busy on two algorithm contests, and lab paper writing. I was a
> little multi-task. So Dear Administrators here like Wolf etc., please
> bug your excuse for my so late report.

Thank you for your report! Better late than never. I hope your contests
went well. From this we can learn an important lesson. Real world often
takes precedence of hobby coding (like most open source code is). But
during the summer you students aren't hobby coders! ;) Also if you know
you are going to be late, tell us, so that we don't have to wonder and
send emails asking for a report. The key to a successful SoC project is

Best regards,
Wolf Bergenheim
OSGeo GSoC Administrator

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