[SoC] Report #2 Web Symbol Service

Cristian Martín Reinhold christian.reinhold at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 16:21:18 EDT 2009

This week, I have achieved the following tasks:
    - upload of a sld file into the server, rewriting onlineresources like
icons in the sld file so that they are also uploaded.

   - validation based on the sld schema

   - web service call of some functions like list symbol 1,2,3... or list
all symbols, as a prior part in order to obtain a client-server
communication via rest calls.

  - installation of the client-side... gvSIG 1.9 - solving dependecies and
adding the symbol extension as well.

All this will be documented on the confluence webpage during this weekend.


at the documentation part.

This means the first part of the server side has been concluded (two weeks
for that). Now it will be the turn of the client side (4 weeks).

For next week, a first insight of the client side will be seen, to determine
the classes needed and what to implement on each class based on the gvSIG
Architecture, written in Java.

I will also try a first attempt of calling one of the services of the WSS
and continue thinking about the client-server communication.
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