[SoC] - Ossimplanet integration with Grass and Qgis - status report #1

massimo di stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Sat Jun 6 02:38:22 EDT 2009

Hi All,

apologize me for the gap time :-/

the "duplicate grass installation" gived me some problems.
Fixed the gdal-grass driver problems (thanks to William!!!) when  
multiple grass installation are finded
now the problem come up with subprocess when i use the grass.py function

the error is a bit weird beacouse it sometimes works and sometimes get  
me a subprocess error

^^^ this only on Osx ...  on linux all goes fine.

... so : hard solution, i erased an exrternal hd and installed osx  
from scratch with only one grass version(7) i haven't finished to  
reinstall all the needed SW

back to coding ...

going ahed with my coding ... what i do this week :

- worked a lot to have a better gui.
   to have a more usable app. i switched from Qwidjet() to  
Qmainwindow() so now i'm able to use more widjet like menubar etc...  
(i know this are cosmetics things ;-)

- worked on the kml export, not uploaded yet into the svn
   i have kml export working for point line and polygon, but i haven't  
yet it working on polygon that has inner+outher boundaries.
   it use py-gdal to have acces to the layer feature

   the export parameters are :

   colors (line,label,polygon)
   line width
   altitude mode

   label name and height can be setted from a field attribute

   (studing the kml standard)

    i'm including the layer attributes in the "kml data description",  
but my plain is to insert , in the kml attribute data,
    the results of v.what + r.what (for points and/or polygon's  
   for line i think is not usefull .. maybe leght and layer attributes  
can be good as information.

   the layers to be queried are the layer in the active mapset
   (in the gui i'm adding a tree with layer's names, each layer will  
be checkable so all the checked layer will be passed to the query)

   i need to add yet the capabilites to create png file for raster  
legend so we can the kml export to create "kml screen overlay"
   i think to use the png monitor in grass to produce the image or  
other solution .. i need to investigate

-  wrotin build documentation about my linux environment.
    starting from a linux live cd distro (sidux) i done an "how to  
install" (apt-get & configure notes) for all the sw i'm using
    so i create a virtualcd based on virtualbox i can distribuite to  
every one want help me to test the project
    (the project has immense options of development so suggestions on  
which    feature is to prefer to an other one
     or you have a feature that is possible to include in it and and i  
haven't tinked yet)

-  On the next week the OssimDev Team will have a meeting, so i'm  
preparing a report with case-test to face the ossm-gdal-grass   raster  


Massimo Di Stefano
massimodisasha at yahoo.it

epifanio on   irc.freenode.net  /join gfoss

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